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Visit Casa Di Giulietta, the Real Life Setting of Letters to Juliet

letters to juliet verona
Written by Gary

If you find yourself visiting Verona, Italy, you must stop by the real-life location of Letters to Juliet. It is the perfect place for a little staged romance with a loved one, or maybe a place to meet someone new.

letters to juliet verona

I have never actually seen the movie Letters to Juliet, because I find Amanda Seyfried insufferable. I do remember the captivating story of Romeo and Juliet, however. Casa Di Giulietta means “Juliet’s house” and is said to have been the place where the Capulet family lived. This spot is well-known as a tourist destination, and even though it is hard to find, is a great place to stop on your travels and be a part of the history of romance. The walls within the plaza are covered over in love letters from romantic strangers, so even if you just want an excuse to do some light reading, Casa Di Giulietta is a place that you absolutely must check out.

letters to juliet verona

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