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Vintage Spotting: Lena Dunham Making the 90’s Chic

Written by Casey

Girl’s on Fire: Writer, producer, actress and possibly the funniest woman on TV – Lena Dunham and her hit US series ‘Girls’ are about to go global. Remember her name.

First of all, I REALLY love Lena Dunham. In the summer when her show GIRLS was on, every Monday morning Emily and I would begin our day in office by discussing what character we thought we were, and how amazing Lena is. Lena is smart, beautiful, and talented, and makes us feel that is okay to be ourselves and make mistakes. Because we are young, and that’s what our twenties are for.

Anyway – now about the clothes! The 26-year-old emerging star and recent 3-time-Emmy nominee is best known for her starring role in HBO’s critically acclaimed TV series Girls and the 2010 independent film Tiny Furniture. In the new ASOS issue launched yesterday, she shows how to rock the 1990’s in the chicest way possible.

Lena is letting us know that the 90’s are back, and she is making them look better than they did twenty years ago. She models an acid wash denim jacket, houndstooth prints, chunky studs and punk jewelry, graphic t-shirts paired with classic skirts and over dresses, she is doing the 90’s right!

In this issue she spoke with ASOS and let us in on a bit about her life, her style, and growing up:
On Success:
“…so many amazing things have happened in this past year, it was almost like amazing things overload…I wish these were slightly more spaced out so I could appreciate every single one with the correct amount of gusto and savor it as a memory until my deathbed.”

On shooting the pilot of Girls:
“Is this happening?  I couldn’t believe the idea that I was going to get paid to do it.  It was just so mind-blowing to me.  I’d done things, but never on this scale so it was really trial by fire.  I worked as hard as I could and sort of faked it until I made it.”

On the characters of Girls:
“I think it’s having heroines who are imperfect on television (of the show’s appeal) which hasn’t been allowed as much as it should be.  Having girls who don’t look like every other girl on TV – even though I have beautiful girls on the show.  It’s a mix of body types, complicated people and faces and attitudes.”

On growing up in NY and describing herself as a bit of a ‘weirdo’:
“I felt highly anxious in a way that I didn’t think other children were.  I just wanted to be at home watching old Saturday Night Live reruns with my parents and trying to find the dirty parts of books.”


Photography by Danielle Levitt


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