Vintage Spotting: High-waisted Pants That Don’t Look Like Mom Jeans

Written by Olga

These aren’t your mom’s jeans. High-waisted jeans that combine a classic vintage look while adding a modern touch.

You guys might not know this, but my ass is kind of big. I’m not trying to say I’m fat (I’m actually pretty fit), I’m just saying that compared to the rest of my body, my ass is a little out of proportion. Let’s just say, when I’m walking somewhere, my ass takes a minute to catch up with the rest of me. So because my waist to ass ratio is so┬ádisproportionate, buying jeans and pants becomes difficult. I either have to get the waist taken in or the jeans just can’t handle all this jelly.

So, naturally, I became interested in high-waisted pants. But the problem is that many styles kind of look like the jeans my mom wears and, for obvious reasons, I don’t want to go there. Then, Diesel jeans came out with their take on this vintage classic and designed HIGHKEE (seen above and on me right now by my coworkers). The HIGHKEE jean is part of Diesel’s new “Fit Your Attitude” line. I’m not sure if the jeans fit my attitude so much, but they definitely fit my body without giving off a mom jeans vibe and that’s good enough for me.

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  • I have these and LOVE them. I have a long waist and curvy body and they highlight my assets perfectly! I may be a mom but I am never going to rock Mom jeans.

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