A Burger Made with Plants That Tastes Just Like Meat

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Impossible plant burger.

A startup in San Francisco has finally created a plant-based burger that tastes like real meat.

impossible veggie burger

I am someone who loves a good veggie burger. As such, I know that most veggie burgers taste like rancid ass. Impossible Foods, a California-based startup apparently agrees with me, and has made it their mission to create a plant-based burger that tastes like actual meat. Their mission has finally seen some success, as their new ‘Impossible Burger’ sizzles and oozes fat just like real meat, and reportedly tastes like the real thing.

Founded by Stanford biochemist Patrick Brown, Impossible Foods has been working on this patty for the past five years, and found success in replicated the taste of meat by using heme. Heme is an iron-containing molecule that makes our blood red, and gives meat it’s pink hue and metallic flavor. Impossible Foods combined heme with coconut oil, wheat protein, and potato protein to replicate animal fat and the ‘meat’ of the burger, and even replicated the smell in a lab to make the experience of the burger as authentic as possible.

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When compared with a typical beef patty, the Impossible Burger contains more protein, less fat, and fewer calories. It is currently more expensive, but as they scale up production, the price will go down. Brown’s goal is to eventually replace real burgers, since sourcing them from actual meat isn’t really sustainable.

He says:

“If people are going to be eating burgers in 50 years, they’re not going to be made from cows. We’re saving the burger.”

“As long as my burger tastes delicious, I don’t care what it’s made of.” -America

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