Score on Valentine’s Day at ZEREOUE

Written by Ashley

Lookin’ for a snazzy, inexpensive, casual yet romantic place to bring your boo on Valentine’s Day?  Don’t want to worry about said boo taking 45 minutes to decide between the shrimp cocktail or side salad with low-fat dressing?

Look no further you little Casanova… Zagat Rated and quaint wee Midtown bistro ZEREOUE is here to rescue you from a Valentine’s Dinner break-down.

Zereoue is located at 13 East 37th Street – btwn 5th & Madison so it is easy to get to from anywhere, but to make a reservation, all you have to do visit ONLINE HERE… no phone call necessary!

Plus- for you dudes mourning the end of the football season…the owner is NFL alum Amos Zereoue.

Check out the menu, reserve your table online, and eat, eat eat.

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a fun-loving, twenty-something living in Brooklyn. She spends most of her time absorbing all the life, tofu and whiskey that NYC has to offer. Her current obsessions? BDG High-waisted leggings, vintage boot shopping in Williamsburg, Katherine Kwei's sling bag and Melanie Marie's two-finger horn ring.

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  • Hi there. I am going to check it, since I saw a comment in another site regarding \”n Valentine’s Day at ZEREOUE | The Luxury Spot\”. Someone related to easy chocolate fondue. Thanks anyway.

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