Using Money to Motivate Your Movember

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During Movember, there’s a whole lot of sexy bearded men in our mists. This is the month when men grow out their mustaches and beards as a symbol of raising money in the fight against prostate and testicular cancer. It’s a really big deal and as much as we’d hope you’d do it for the charity aspect, we figured may appeal to your baser instinct. So, here’s some ways you can make money by doing good for the universe.

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If your beard is truly amazing, you may want to use it in a clever marketing ploy.
Do you have an epic beard? If so you may want to sign up to sell the space for advertising. Seriously. If your beard is epic, people will stare at it anyway — you may as well sell ad space.  Sign up at and you could earn up to $5 a day.

Let out your inner caveman

Primal is sexy, and it’s also thrifty. You won’t need to buy blades, razors, or any of that stuff. Plus, you’ll probably have more sex. That has nothing to do with spending money, but figured we’d put it out there!

An apple a day…

Screw apples. (Actually, not really — they are delicious with nutella.) But seriously, if you have facial hair, it protects your skin from the outside elements. It’s natural SPF! Also, it’s harder for allergens to get to your nose.  That’s just science.

You’ll look more like Steve Jobs

And we can’t think of anything more amazing than that.


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