Using Condoms: The Bryce Way

Written by Bryce

Let’s all be real for a moment.  I have a kid, so condom use isn’t exactly my field of expertise… in the traditional way at least.  I do, however, know all sorts of non-traditional things that are an absolute blast to do with condoms.

First of all, I take great pride in my hair.  With a mane like mine, you can’t eff around (no pun intended).  And apparently people in China feel the same way.  A while back, news emerged from China that hair ties from factories in the Chinese province of Zhejiang were actually produced with USED condoms.  How?  Well, the rubbery band at the top of the condom was used to be the stretch action in your hair tie, and covered in colorful thread.  People, they were effing used.  You could get hair herpes or the clap in your follicles or something.  UGH.


Another fun condom adventure that I’d recommend is making humping balloon animals, as displayed here by the lovely people at Durex.  Hooray for safe animal sex!

You can also use condoms to build a fantastic campfire… or for lighting a more malicious fire (and I imagine there’d be no evidence to find?)

Or heck, plant a garden. I love gardening, I’ve always thought of myself as a little bit of a green thumb. I usually keep basil growing on my balcony, but I think I might plant some condoms too. Video demonstration below.

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