10 Uses for Grapefruit Oil

10 uses for grapefruit oil, because the essential oil of grapefruit is everything and then some.

Extracted from grapefruit peels, grapefruit essential oil is chock full of health and beauty benefits.

Wait until you read these ten incredible effects from orally and topically using this citrus oil:

1. It prevents skin cancer. Scientists have already linked a decrease in skin cancer with an increased consumption of grapefruit peels from which grapefruit oil is derived. Massage grapefruit oil onto your skin daily for the ultimate skin protection. (Note: Make sure you always apply grapefruit oil in the evening, as grapefruit oil can damage skin when exposed to direct sunlight).

2. It helps treat liver and kidney disorders. Grapefruit oil, when rubbed on the lower abdomen, is said to improve digestion, promote detox, and help facilitate healthy urination. The oil can also be diluted with water (because we all know the benefits of drinking lemon water, right?)

3. It fights food and drug addictions. One of grapefruit oil’s most profound effects is helping those with food and drug addictions. According to multiple sources, the citrus aroma has an uplifting effect on the mind and body, as well as improves concentration and mental clarity. As a result, food cravings are decreased and addictive behaviors are alleviated. Grapefruit essential oil is especially known for helping those with drug and sugar addictions, eating disorders, and obesity.

4. It removes cellulite and stretch marks. Ladies, if you’re looking for a real solution to those stretch marks and cellulite bumps, consider topically applying grapefruit oil to your body daily. Grapefruit essential oil, combined with virgin coconut oil, not only helps remove cellulite and stretch marks, but reverses most acquired skin conditions. One of my legs was severely discolored from the sun after traveling to Mexico last year, so I tried out this solution and in just two months, the coloring of my leg returned to normal! This oil is LIFE.

5. It beats jet lag. I can also personally attest to this cited effect of grapefruit essential oil, as I travel with it wherever I go! Grapefruit essential oil significantly reduces fatigue, raises energy levels, and mental alertness. Rub the oil onto the temples of your neck or on your wrists. The passenger next to you won’t mind smelling the sweet scent, either.

6. It cures hangovers. Yeah, that’s right. Grapefruit oil, due to its liver-cleansing properties, makes an amazing hangover remedy. Simply inhale the oil or dilute 1-2 drops in your glass of water and you’ll be ready to go out again in no time!

7. It relieves PMS. As previously mentioned, grapefruit oil promotes mental clarity, reduces stress, and uplifts the mood. Additionally, grapefruit oil has hormone-balancing properties, which relieves PMS symptoms. Simply inhale the oil, rub onto temples of the neck, or infuse 1-2 drops in a bath — and even if you don’t have PMS, take a grapefruit oil-infused bath, anyway.

8. It promotes heart health. Grapefruit oil supports healthy cardiovascular function when massaged over the chest.

9. It boosts hair growth. Grapefruit oil, when rubbed onto your hair, stimulates hair follicles thereby promoting hair growth.

10. It removes blemishes. Grapefruit oil shrinks pimples and zits, and also prevents skin dryness. Again, make sure you only apply this oil on exposed areas of your body in the evening, to prevent skin damage.

For more benefits and directions of uses of grapefruit oil, go here and here.


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  • I’m going to have to try some grapefruit oil. I’ve been suffering from horrible acne and am trying everything I can naturally to clear my skin up.

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