Umm, So There Are Wild Parrots Living in Brooklyn

wild parrots in brooklyn
Written by Gary

In case you have never noticed, there are wild parrots living in Brooklyn, in and around the Brooklyn College campus. I have actually noticed this before, but, like a homeless person crapping in a bag on the subway, I just didn’t think too much of it.

A lot of people think that the wild parrots living in Brooklyn are a myth, but the truth has finally come out. They are totally not a myth, and parrots living in Brooklyn may, in fact, be the only reality you’re interested in for the rest of time. Because nature is a wild, funny beast.

wild parrots in brooklyn

The  monk parrots originally came from Argentina, where they are considered to be an agricultural pest. The Argentinean government shipped them here in the 1960’s, thinking New Yorkers might like to keep the little bastards as pets, however some of those crates broke open and released the birds into the wild. Since New York has a similar climate to Argentina (who knew?), the birds thrived and populated. They can now be found hanging out in trees in the borough of birds, futzing around with squirrels and pigeons, and cruising by food carts in the morning for a bagel and a schmear.

wild parrots in brooklyn

wild parrots in brooklyn

wild parrots brooklyn

wild parrots brooklyn

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