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Ultimate Guide to Mascara Brushes

Mascara brushes
Written by emilyc

Haven’t you always wondered if the shape of your mascara brush makes a difference? It seems like companies keep introducing fancy new shapes, but it gets to a point where I just think it’s to make them look prettier. After a little research, it turns out each shape serves its own purpose based on the type of lashes you have, and whether you’re trying to channel Ru Paul or an au naturale hippie. Scroll down and be enlightened about all types of mascara brushes.

Mascara brushes

Straight wand: This is your basic mascara brush. Good for volume and length. A go-to for everyday wear.

A larger, thicker wand: Adds extra volume and thickness to lashes. Not great for shorter lashes, but adds density to long lashes.

Curved wand: Use it to add some curl to the end of your lashes. This is good for lifting straight or shorter lashes.

A comb wand: Does not add volume, but is good for separating thicker lashes for a casual look.

Plastic bristled wand: Thickens lashes and provides great definition, while adding extra-black color.

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