I Tried a Beard Blowout on my Fiancé and it was Surprisingly Great

Written by Allison

The beard blowout trend is catching on, and we’re not even kidding.

Apparently, the beard blowout is a thing that exists. When I saw this Buzzfeed Topknot video, I knew I needed to give it a go on my Fiancé, Dave. He’s got a lovely if not slightly mountain man-y crop of facial hair that can look puffy if left untouched. Luckily he was game to let me at his face with hot tools and brushes in hand.


Not that he has a bad beard or anything, but it could use a little TLC, you know? Post shower Dave’s beard tends to look a little scraggly. He’ll usually use a beard balm to help tame the beast but I asked him not to for this experiment.

Product Application

Instead of using his usual beard balm (which is wax based) I went in with a few drops of plain jojoba oil. Dave has very dry, dehydrated skin and jojoba oil is well noted for it’s similarities to human sebum. Using this I figured I could soften his beard and it would hydrate his skin at the same time.

I just applied a couple of drops of the oil to my hands then applied through his beard, making sure it was all covered before getting out the blowdryer.

The Tools.

In the video that got this whole thing started, the hair stylist (beard stylist?), Jeff Chastain, used a round brush on everyone, even on the dude with the shortest beard. Because Dave’s beard is on the shorter side I wanted to see how it would do with both a round brush and a flat paddle brush. Both brushes are from Conair and I’m using the CHI Touch 2 Dryer with the concentrator nozzle attached.

First Attempt

With the dryer set to a medium speed and warm temperature so I wouldn’t burn his face, I went in with the flat brush first. I chose the flat brush because I thought it would work better for getting a smooth look to his beard. Alas, I was wrong. I suppose it could have worked on someone with a longer beard to straighten things out but for shorter fuzz I was mostly just brushing his face.

Round Brush Really Works

You can see in his eyes how little Dave liked the idea of the round brush. I get it, rolling out your beard like that looks like you’re asking to get snagged on knots. Luckily after all the brushing from the first attempt there were no knots to be found.

The round brush really helped to catch his beard hairs. I used the round brush on his beard exactly as I would on my own hair. I caught the hair, rolled it outwards away from the face while drying at a downward angle.

This particular round brush has a mixture of long and short bristles which helped, I think, to detangle his beard as we got to the areas I didn’t test with the flat brush.

The whole round brushing and drying only took a few minutes all together.

The end result was a much more sleek, and significantly softer beard. Like, way, way softer thanks to the beard blowout. To the point where I may politely demand that we make a beard blowout part of our weekend routine.

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