Traveling Caviar Bar Offers Russian Opulence Just About Anywhere

Written by Bryce

You can have a caviar bar just about anywhere now, and you don’t even need to have Russian friends to make it happen.

How many times have you thought “this work meeting would be about 600% better if there was a caviar bar next to the Keurig?” Probably as many times as you wished for one at the Hamptons wedding receptions you attend each summer because people never have original wedding ideas. Good news.

Kolikof Caviar & Salmon recently introduced their caviar on location service, “a bespoke catered caviar experience that has quickly become a must-have party trend.” The company is offering creative caviar displays for social gatherings, intimate affairs, large scale events, and just about anything that calls for a touch of Russia.

Personally, I expect to see a ton of these at every bar mitzvah of boys named Igor, Boris, or Alex in coming years.

The displays are customized for the event and offer a wide range of caviar options, ice sculpture, and appropriate drinking options. Vodka and champagne are strongly recommended. For all Kolikof cares, you can display your caviar bar on a giant skateboard or horizontal lipstick. Whatever. They just want you eating roe with your pinky high in the air.

Pricing begins at $3,500 or the average amount a Russian teenage girl drops on a mall trip, visit for details.



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