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Travel Spotting: Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska

Written by Tanner

Take a trip to Santa’s workshop in North Pole, Alaska

Santa’s workshop DOES exist, in North Pole, Alaska! Okay, so technically speaking, the actual North Pole is stuck in some chunk of floating ice in the Arctic Ocean: but who wants to take an 80 hour dog sled ride to the middle of nowhere when you could take a comfy car or sleigh ride to this cozy town in the interior of Alaska to see the Santa Claus House?! What started out as a trading post and official post office for the city of North Pole (13 miles south of Fairbanks) now serves as a community meeting spot and Christmas souvenir superstore! While some people enjoy seeing the 42 foot tall 900 lb. Santa statue, my favorite thing about North Pole is that the streets are lined with candy cane light poles – so magical!

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Tanner is a cool cat from Alaska who left the arctic in search of the hot fashion scene in NYC. He stays hydrated in the heat drinking coconut flavored anything and warm in the cold by cocooning himself in layers of his hand knit scarves. His current obsession? Mixing his drink with equal parts of Diet Sierra Mist and the Dolly Parton station on Pandora

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