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Travel Spotting: Five Reasons to Visit Juneau, Alaska

Juneau Alaska
Written by Gary

Juneau Alaska

At 5,000 square miles, Juneau is actually the largest city in the United States. It is actually larger than the state of Delaware, which isn’t surprising since Delaware is basically the size of a baby’s areola.

The Juneau ice-field is a group of 30 mountaintop glaciers, two of which can actually be seen from the roads of Juneau.

The Treadwell Gold Mine is where the Juneau gold rush started, so if you’re broke you can head there and try and scrounge up some gold dust.

Juneau only has 30,000 residents, making it the most isolated city in the country. It isn’t connected to the Interstate highway system, and is surrounded by a tidal flat and a channel. If you want to murder someone, you might consider stashing the body in Juneau.

The Gastineau Channel borders Juneau, and on a clear day the waters are so beautiful they reflect the forest and the sky perfectly. So it’s a great place to get drunk off spiked cider and take in some nature.

Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska


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