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Surprising Toxins Found in Bottled Drinks

Written by andy

The startling truth about what’s in your drinks!

Bottled water, soft drinks, and even alcoholic beverages are often bottled for protection against contaminants and germs, but could it be that bottling the drinks is actually doing more harm than good? It may surprise you to discover that most of the bottled drinks you enjoy may actually be laced with toxins!

Toxins in Bottled Water

When you drink bottled water, you may think that you are drinking purified water. Well, truth be told, the purification process may not eliminate as much as you might think.

The process of purification is designed to eliminate any pathogens, germs, microbes, and heavy sediment from the water. Your water is free of anything that can do you harm, but the process doesn’t necessarily eliminate the chemicals that humans have added to the water supply.

For example:

  • Arsenic is occasionally added to water through human waste, but it occurs in nature as well. It can be highly toxic, even poisonous if consumed in high quantities. The process of purification doesn’t always eliminate all the arsenic.
  • Chlorine can be found in A LOT of water sources, thanks to the fact that humans add it to water in order to kill bacteria. Chlorine can cause skin and organ problems, but it is often found in bottled water simply because it was used to purify the water at its source.
  • Fluoride is another chemical added to the water, and it is supposedly added into the water in order to fight tooth decay. However, there is no proof that it actually does, and fluoride is known to be a very strong chemical.

The truth is that bottled water may not be as clean as you think, and that’s the stuff you’re supposed to trust to be clean! Imagine what is in the water that soft drink manufacturers use to make Coke, Pepsi, and other bottled drinks. The water is far less purified, meaning that there will still be high levels of toxins and chemicals in EVERY bottled drink. You may think that it’s clean because it comes in a bottle, but the toxins in your drinks can be just as dangerous as any germs or microbes.


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The Danger of Plastic Bottles

Did you know that plastic bottles are made with chemicals that are COMPLETELY unfit for human consumption? In fact, many of the chemicals used to make plastic are linked to a number of health problems when they come in contact with the human body.

For example, one of the ingredients in plastic bottles–called DEHA–is known to leech into the drink, particularly if a plastic bottle is reused or exposed to high heat. The chemical plasticizer can cause a lot of damage if it is ingested into the human body.

BPA is another chemical that health and wellness experts are worried about. BPA is one of the components that is used to make plastic, and when it leeches into the drink inside the plastic bottle, it can disrupt hormones, impair reproductive organ function, and even increased your risk of developing breast or prostate cancer.

These are just two of the chemicals that you need to worry about, but when you consider the fact that plastic is made from dozens of different components, you realize that it is much more serious than you’d expect. If you drink water or soda from bottles that have been exposed to light and heat, your risk of health problems increases drastically! It’s important to be careful with bottled drinks, as they may be filled with more than just liquid.

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