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Top 7 Vegan Friendly U.S. Cities

See which seven cities have been rated the most vegan friendly in America.

These cities, which are classified as “vegan friendly,” not only have populous vegan communities, but the most variety in vegan dining options.

Have you visited or lived in one of these vegan havens, yet? Check out the slideshow below.

1. Austin, Texas

Austin has been rated on several websites, including that of PETA, for being the most vegan-friendly city in the U.S., which goes to show its likability among the vegan community. The hipster haven in Texas boasts over three exclusively vegan food trucks (The Vegan Yacht (above), The Vegan Nom, and Guac n Roll) and a countless number of ethnic vegan restaurants, including those serving Mexican and Thai cuisine. Austin is clearly a must-visit for those veg-heads!


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