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Top 5 Ways You Know You’re An Annoying Parent

There’s a good chance this could be you…

As you read this, you’re probably thinking things like “well, at least there’s no way I’ll ever be as annoying as my mom.” That’s not true. Your mom is probably pretty annoying, but there’s a 101% chance of your kid growing up one day to honestly believe that YOU are the most annoying person on the planet. Ever.

So here’s how you know you’re an annoying parent:

1. You sound anything like this lady.

2. Your kid gives you stink eye just about every single time you speak.

3. Your kid asks other people in the neighborhood to adopt him. Homeless people included.

4. You dress your kid to match his local scenery (ie my mother actually made me wear pajamas with the same print as my bedroom wallpaper… not a joke).

5. Your own mother in law reminds you that you’re overbearing.

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