Tire Rugs Make A Chic Home Manlier

Written by Bryce

Awesome artsy rug offers manliness to the most elegant room

One of my favorite interior design concepts is the idea of clean, sophisticated, and elegant elements and and color schemes with a few bold masculine pieces.  That could be anything- a white room with lots of lucite furniture and a few pieces of drift wood shelving, or in this case, chic-Euro stylings with a rug designed to look exactly like a big tire. It’s the perfect compromise between feminine elegance and “I’m a cool chick.”

Plus, it’s designed by Ariel Rojo, so it’s art for your floor.

Available in 2 sizes from
4ft (1.20m) diameter –  $419.00
6ft (1.80m) diameter –  $942.00
Direct: +1 214 725 3675

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