Three Clever Ways to Approach a Hot Stranger

approaching strangers
Written by Gary

I always see hot guys on the subway, but I never approach them. The reason for this is that I have no way of knowing if they are gay, and also I am kind of a wimp when it comes to approaching strangers. If you have a vagina, you stand a much better chance at picking up a guy in public, especially since all you really have to do is stick your boobs out and they will come to you. I understand that its hard for some girls to meet guys though, and honestly you probably don’t want a guy that would rush over at the sight of your nipples, so here are a few tips and tricks to picking up a hot stranger.

approaching strangers

Make a funny face. This actually works for me all the time at gay bars, because everyone is always so serious all the time. If you see a hot stranger and he looks your way, disarm him by making a silly face. It will either create a cute little joke between the two of you, or make him think you have tourette’s. Either way, it takes balls, and would make a great story to tell your grandkids.

Ask him what time it is, while making it clear that you are wearing a watch. If he is smart, he will see the joke in this. If he isn’t, just sleep with him and move on to someone with more than two brain cells in his head.

Stare hard, but not at his face. If you stare at his shirt or his balls, it will disarm him enough that he will think there is something wrong. Then, when he gets a little confused and uncomfortable, just go in, smile, and apologize. Just say you have the “staresies” and go from there. Do not stare at his face though, or you will look like a crazy meth head.

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