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a native New Yorker with an enormous brain that's on a never-ending quest for high style, men with accents, and any place with a disco ball. Fastest way to her heart is a guy that loves sushi and knows the difference between "there," "their," and "they're."


  • Dear Jonathan,

    It was bad enough that you conceived of entrusting your stunted (Sorry.) thoughts to that miserable sheet of cellulose, but the execution was a far worse offense, on several levels.
    You have my sympathy Brother.
    May I offer to you a bit of advice? The first thing that you need to do, as with many people in today’s society, is to learn how to express yourself in English, with proper grammar and punctuation.
    The second thing is never, ever to ask such silly questions. Your gut will provide the answers to your unspoken questions. If you do not receive the right responses, move on! Nothing succeeds like trying, but nothing is stupider than throwing away your energy on someone who does not appreciate you (as is her right) for who you are. Screw up your courage Brother, and move on.

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