The “Unicorn”, and other Relationship Terms You Should Know

sexy unicorn
Written by Gary

Relationship terms are constantly evolving and changing. For instance, back in the day if you said you were feeling gay, it meant happy. Nowadays, feeling gay means you are thinking about putting a penis inside your mouth.

sexy unicorn

It’s a troubling ocean to navigate, trying to stay abreast of language trends and slang, so to help you out I have compiled a quick list of some new relationship terms I have heard recently. Incorporate them into your everyday conversation now, and be the hippest relationship-term savvy chick out there.

Unicorn- When someone is super hot, but don’t know that they are super hot. If you ever meet a unicorn, wife them up immediately.

Moped- When you are sleeping with an ugly guy, but he is so good in bed that you can’t help yourself. Much like a moped, he is fun to ride but you would never want your friends to see you doing it.

Chris Browned- When someone is abusive. For instance, if your boyfriend got rowdy and blacked one of your eyes you could say: “He got drunk and chris browned me one night. That’s why I chopped his balls off, your honor.”

Shark Week- A polite way to refer to your period. If you don’t want to have sex, instead of telling your boyfriend that your vagina is bleeding, just tell him it’s shark week.

Leprechaun- When you date someone to get something, whether money, clothes, or food stamps. The idea here is that a leprechaun leads you to a pot of gold, but that pot of gold could be anything, really, including an “accidental” pregnancy. Henry Cavill better watch out before I leprechaun him into life-long child support payments.


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