The Puppy Trailer: House Your Dog In Style

puppy trailer
Written by Gary

I find that pets often take after their parents. For instance, even though my dog was only five pounds, she wasn’t scared of anything, ran headfirst towards danger, and liked to lounge around with her tits out. The moral of the story is, your pet is most likely going to adopt your personality traits, so if you are white trash, you might consider buying your dog this puppy trailer.

puppy trailer

All joking aside, I think this puppy trailer is actually really cute. Made of fiberglass and aluminum, it is basically the most ‘campy’ dog house you could possibly buy, and comes with both food bowls (score) and wheels (in case your dog won’t shut up, you can just roll it away).

At $2,500 a pop, the puppy trailer is kind of expensive, but if your dog isn’t worth it, who is?

Certainly not your boyfriend. The dog house he spends 3 nights per month living in shouldn’t be anywhere near as nice.

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