The Pros and Cons of Long Distance Relationships

pros and cons of long distance relationships
Written by Gary

I would never consider a long distance relationship.  I have a friend who has agreed to be in a committed LDR for 4 years, even though he has only been dating the guy for less than one. To me, he is setting himself up for failure, and I told him so.

pros and cons of long distance relationships

I believe that the point of a relationship is to fall in love and have experiences, sex, commitment, and sex, and sex, and sex with someone. In my mind if I ever find a guy I really love and we have to be in different places for a while, we can just separate and come back together. The reason I say this is that if I actually find someone I love enough to consider being with forever, a few months or a year of separating won’t make much of a difference, and it might actually help. I know people feel very differently about this subject however, so here are some pros and cons of LDR’s.

Pro– You found someone that you truly think is worth staying with. That probably means you think you are on the marriage track eventually, so kudos for getting wifed up. If you manage to make it work through something as hard as an LDR, really tough things like kids, in-laws, and shower masturbation should be a breeze.

Con– Even though you have found the love of your life, there is no guarantee you won’t meet other people you are interested in. You might miss out on the real love of your life because you are waiting on some jackass in San Francisco who is currently balls-deep in his co-worker.

Pro– With all the technology these days, you can Facetime, Skype, Google conference, sext, text, email, and Vine each other all day and night until your genitals evolve into USB ports.

Con– There is nothing as good as skin-to-skin contact. Nothing. I have tried having sex with a computer before, and all I got out of it was the best orgasm of my life, some serious electrocution, and singed pubes that have never grown back.

Pro-You can travel every few weeks to visit each other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder after all, and if you value your independence an LDR is a great way to maintain that, rarely have to shave your legs, and keep your relationship going.

Con– Unless you work for an airline or have a bunch of money saved up, you are probably going to break the fucking bank trying not to break your relationship.

Pro- The sex you have when you get together with your LDR partner is probably going to be mind-blowing. Spending so much time wanting to penetrate or be penetrated (or both) by a person you love will keep things very interesting.

Con– The sex you don’t have when you realize your partner is like 1,000 miles away will make for some really cold, lonely nights with your flesh-light or vibrator.

At the end of the day you have to decide if an LDR is what you want. I could throw a shit-ton of statistics at you, but you alone know whether or not if its something you could realistically do. My only advice is to be honest; if you think you could possibly cheat on your partner then establish your relationship as open from the jump, and save yourself A LOT of heartache and angry, dramatic emails.

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