The Perfect Holiday Travel Gift: A Lordship In Scotland

Glencoe Scotland
Written by Gary

Glencoe Scotland

What do you get for the guy who has everything? Trying to find unique gift ideas is a conundrum on a lot of minds recently with Christmas coming up, and it’s been on my mind specifically regarding one of my best friends. This particular friend was an only child growing up, so he is the kind of person who goes out and gets whatever he wants. This makes him incredibly hard to shop for, since he already has the things he wants, and will let you know to your face if you get something he doesn’t really like (he does it with a look, but its a withering look that cuts to your very core).

My best friend may be the center of his own universe, but the one thing he doesn’t have is a title to make it official. I recently stumbled upon Highland Titles, which is a company that grants you a small plot of land in Scotland and a lordship to go with it. It is also part of a conservation effort, because the land that you purchase and own can never be built on, or bull-dozed down. Its a cool gift idea for someone who is really into saving the Earth, or something who is so self-centered that they deserve a title before their name on their drivers license. Or, if you are a couple that likes to travel, you can go visit your land, and if its big enough, you can camp on it.

The packages are as cheap as $50, which to me is a small price to pay to be able to call yourself a lord. I am actually planning to get one myself (a square foot of land) and when I go visit it (they provide you with maps and GPS instructions to your land) I want to put a little fish-tank castle on it so that I can say I own a castle in Scotland.

Merry Christmas to all of you peasants, from Lord Gary Adrian Randall.

Glencoe Scotland

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