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The New Haven 48-Hour Guide


Try and head to New Haven during the annual Arts & Ideas Festival and experience how lively the city can really be. They’ve got everything from symphony performances, to local bands and plays. If you do have the chance, I recommend seeing Arguendo for a funny spin on the Supreme Court and the cases they handle.

I made it a point to head to the Yale University Art Gallery as they have a wide range of art from ancient-contemporary to a beautiful sculpture garden and terrace. It’s completely free to attend and you could walk around there for a few hours. I advise getting there a bit early on in the day as it tends to pick up. Make sure you take the stairs, if you can. The stair cases have this castle like feel to them and they’re quite beautiful.

If you like the whole idea of being a true tourist and really getting to learn about the city, then book a tour with Taste of New Haven. While I’m not necessarily a “foodie,” I do love to eat and drink which is why I went for the Food & Drink Tour. We visited about 5-7 different restaurants and bars. As for my top 3 favorites it has to be: Miya’s Sushi, Oaxaca Kitchen and BAR.

Miya’s offered some really awesome but different meals. For example, I ate tilapia with black soldier flies (pictured below) — I know it sounds disgusting, but it’s truly wonderful. As for BAR, I loved the atmosphere and the delicious New Haven style pizza. It was a great place to hangout, have some good conversation and watch the World Cup. Oaxaca also makes my top 3 for their delicious guacamole and margaritas.

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