The Most Luxurious Flight EVER

Etihad Airways A380 planes will soon be equipped with opulent 3-room suites for the most luxurious flight ever.

The United Airlines Emirates development, which isn’t expected to finish until December, will be the first private multi-room suite option available on a commercial flight.

So, what makes this 3-room suite, otherwise known as The Residence, so luxurious ($21,000-one-way luxurious)? Let’s start with the rich, delicate scent of oil money. Just kidding, sort of. But honestly, a living room, master bedroom, flat-screen tv, chilled minibar, shower, a customized gourmet menu, limousine airport transfers, and a personal butler — who’s apparently, trained from the prestigious Savoy hotel in London.

We’re betting they don’t really need the $21K per flight, and that you can probably just use it as a tax write off for making a large donation to all the fabulousness in the Middle East.

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Here’s a sneak-peek of the long flight none of us would mind taking:

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