The More You Play With It, The Harder It Gets

Written by Emily

Thanks to for compiling a list of very inappropriate advertisements that would not only be banned today, but would probably have the FCC and the LMAO (Lame Moms of America Organization) on their asses like woah. I personally see nothing wrong with them, but I usually am the one that’s way off on all things respectable and “kosher.” Check them out and see what you think.

Okay, this one I definitely disagree with, but then again I’m probably reading it wrong. I personally love guys that smoke. I don’t smoke that often, but I really love a guy that does HOWEVER blowing your smoke in my face? Not a turn on. I like to admire from afar. This also applies to blowing anything into my face. I won’t follow you anywhere except to the bathroom. It says “delicious in taste and in aroma,” but still. DISAGREE. I’m assuming this takes place in the Don Draper era, and I really think he’d be the only one allowed to do it. Next!

Good old SEGA Genesis and teenage boy angst and sexual inuendos. Sounds great to me! Again, I see nothing wrong with this. I’m not a boy, but from experience, their tag line is true.

Just a myth. Thank God. Also, this ad is from England (I used my Nancy Drew inferences with the “£” symbol) and I think they can generally get away with more there. Does anyone still tell their kids this?! It’s so not true so don’t worry and I need to finish this post because my eyesight is going a little dark….

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