The Government Shutdown According to Miley Cyrus

John Boehner
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If you missed Miley’s government shutdown remix of “We Can’t Stop” (renamed “We Did Stop”) on SNL this past weekend, don’t worry because below are stills of the most poignant moments from the music video. Nothing brightens up a day like making light of grave political issues and throwing the omnipresent Miley Cyrus into the mix. So la da di da di Republican Par-ty, reppin’ GOP. Doin’ whatever we want.

out of twerk

Twerk hiatus.

michele bachmann

Miley as Michele Bachmann…

John Boehner

And Taran Killem as a gold grill-brandishing John Boehner.

We did stop

It’s a money burning party, y’all!

We did stop

The Capitol made out of fries – distinctly American.

We did stop

Even the Republican elephant had time off from being a mascot in order to shoot this video. Good thing he’s wearing his hater blockers.

We did stop

Lincoln made a cameo…

We did stop

And so did Obama…

We did stop

As the Republican Party danced the night away with not a care in the world.

We did stop

Reppin’ GOP.

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