The First Boeing 747 Private Jet

boeing 747 private plane
Written by Gary

A private Boeing 747.

The Boeing 747 private jet is basically a big ole’ flying mansion.

boeing 747 private plane

We write a lot about private planes on The Luxury Spot, mostly because we like the idea of doing live whilst hovering above the Earth (but not in a dead people way), and there really is no higher barometer of that than flying private. There are a lot of incredibly decadent private planes that make their way into media consciousness each year, but the bar has just been reset. I mean, totally, utterly reset. Airliners are now being converted into huge luxurious private flying castles in the sky, and Airbus and Boeing have both begun selling ‘VIP’ models of their commercial airliners, outfitted for private air travel.

A Washington-based company called Greenpoint Technologies took this one step beyond by converting a Boeing 747 into a 4,786 square foot luxury plan including a stateroom, lounges, an office, a massive dining room, and spacious bedrooms. Does your Earth-house have a stateroom? I mean, you need to ponder that for a moment.

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I love to travel, but I hate the process of getting to the airport via a train, to a bus, to a shuttle, waiting in line like a homeless person at a soup shelter, getting groped and x-rayed by the TSA, and then being seated beside a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast that keeps falling asleep in front of my in-flight entertainment system. The moral of the story is, if you can fly private, you should. If you can afford an entire private Boeing 747, you should text me.

boeing 747 private plane boeing 747 private plane boeing 747 private plane

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