The Fancy Wigs and Headpieces of Papua, New Guinea

Huli wigmen
Written by Gary

Someone get Beyonce’s people on the phone, I have a new wig connection that she will die for. The Huli Wigmen of Papua, New Guinea are known in their part of the world for not only being some of the fiercest warriors, but also being super-skilled at crafting fabulous wigs out of their own hair and natural objects like bird feathers, moss, and bamboo.

Huli wigmen

When Huli men reach their late 20’s, they are taken to “bachelor school” which means they are sequestered in the jungle and taught all the important things one should know about being a man, first and foremost being how to style a fierce hairdo that would make any tribal drag queen jealous. Nobody really knows where the tradition evolved from, but the lengths they go to in order to maintain their hairpieces is intense, and involves sleeping with their heads on bricks so they don’t ruin their workmanship. The men leave bachelor school with 2-3 wigs that they wear on special occasions such as festivals, weddings, tourist greetings, and for those rare moments when they are just feeling a little fancy.

The Huli men generally keep to themselves and live separate lives from the women. So to break it all down, the Huli Wigmen are a group of warriors that are incredibly adept at making beautiful wigs, and they live their lives free from women.

Where do I sign up?

Huli wigmen

Huli wigmen

Huli wigmen

Huli wigmen

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