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The Cure For Tourists: The Urban Wonderer

urban wonderer app new york
Written by Gary

I will straight-up admit that when I visit other cities, I love to do touristy things. Why? Because I am a tourist and I believe there is nothing wrong with seeing what a city has to offer, and snapping photos of it. That being said, I do get annoyed when Swedish tourists stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take a photo of the freedom tower with their iPad which is encased in a plastic hardcover shell designed by the North Korean military. Recently I stumbeld upon the Urban Wonderer App, which solved all my tourist-related problems.

urban wonderer app new york

Urban Wonderer is a self-guided tour app focused on New York City, giving you a bunch of inside information about the sights and neighborhoods of the city, without forcing you to join an annoying tour group. Basically like the self-guided tours a The MET, the app gives you insider info on the history, sites, nightlife, and even restaurants of whatever neighborhood you may be in.

Basically, if you want to do touristy things without looking like a tourist, this app is probably for you. Throw your headphones in, go for a walk, and you will just look like every other rando person listening to music loudly so they can more easily ignore homeless people and people handing out free issues of the New York Post.

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