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The Classic Kitsch of Florence Welch’s London Home

Florence Welch, Vogue, Decor
Written by Gary

You were thinking it, but I will say it. Florence Welch typically dresses like she covered herself in tacky glue and rolled around in the drapery aisle of a Bed Bath and Beyond. Her sense of style is so kitschy that trailer parks in North Florida get jealous. That being said, her sense of decor is actually kind of classic and elegant.

Florence Welch, Vogue, Decor

She allowed Vogue into her London flat for a recent interview, and thusly we got a sneak peek into her inner sanctum, which she describes as bohemian, ethereal, and fierce.

Every room is colorful and bold, with a touch of age and whimsy. Of course, there are a lot of damask textiles and prints, but like any well-done eclectic interior, there is a sense of general balance. You can tell that she buys what she likes and just incorporates it into her space.

There are two main approaches to decorating:

1. You choose a color scheme and general aesthetic that you enjoy, and design a stylish interior that motivates, excites, inspires, and calms you.

2. You basically fill your space with everything that you like, without too much thought on how things go with each other.

Both design styles are valid, but with #1 you are creating a space that complements you, and with #2 you are creating a space that defines you.

Florence Welch obviously uses method #2, but it works perfectly with her Who Shot the Couch? overall aesthetic.

Florence Welch, Vogue, Decor

Florence Welch, Vogue, Decor

Florence Welch, Vogue, Decor

Florence Welch, Vogue, Decor


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