Take Your Vitamins To Increase Your Sex Drive

Written by Alaine

Sexy Time Drive for Women Only

Life, love & lust are dependent on a slew of emotional & physical factors… and for those ladies looking to improve upon their hormonal balance, sexual health, metabolism, blood circulation, or maybe catch up on the antioxidant/anti-aging craze, I’ve taken a look at two easy ways to incorporate improvement on all of these… just by taking your vitamins!

First: Ramuan Health Asmara Total Woman vitamins for day and night.

Take one in the morning with breakfast. Tip: Pop with Naked Juice’s Green Machine smoothie to double the antioxidant power while getting a serving of greens in each glass. Go about your day, and pop another at bedtime. We hear this one is the equivalent of eating an oyster due to ingredients & vitamins, according to the  Ramuan Health website, that deliver a boost in metabolism, circulatory health and antioxidant/phytonutrient levels.

If taking two vitamins twice a day is too many pills for you, we saw Asmara. Rumored to reap similar benefits to  benefits, it could be a great gift to a single gal friend who hasn’t gotten laid in a long time and needs a little confidence boost.

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