Swedish Egg Coffee is the Next Big Caffeine Trend

swedish egg coffee
Written by Fareeha Shahid

Swedish egg coffee is the Nordic caffeine trend you’ve probably never tried.

What is Swedish egg coffee, anyway?

Swedish egg coffee is probably the smoothest, creamiest coffee you will ever have in your life. It is a yummy, bittersweet concoction of raw egg and coffee which preserves the natural oils in coffee beans. Those natural oils are the best vehicle to ripen the strong natural coffee flavor. If you’re wondering, we asked top derms if coffee is good for your skin. Their answers may surprise you.

This European egg coffee is also known as the Scandinavian coffee or the Hungarian coffee, and it offers the most exquisite taste of local Swedish breakfast flavor.  The coffee and egg blend creates a tantalizing coffee-cheese zest which adds a bonus level of addictive semi-savory caffeine. It’s a more liquidy caffeine gummy, in a sense.

swedish egg coffee

I mean, just reminiscing about it has given me an immediate yearning for the Swedish egg coffee, so I think I’ll just go ahead and make it right now. I’m including an easy recipe for Swedish egg coffee below so you can be the trendsetting Swedish street style queen of your next girls brunch with the recipe I’ve included below. 

Here’s how to make your own Swedish egg coffee

The recipe is pretty easy to make. For a single serving, all you need are the following ingredients and you’re good to go. 


  1. 1 raw egg [I promise, it’s worth it]
  2. 1 ½ tbs grounded coffee 
  3. 1 cup of room-temperature water
  4. ½  cup of ice-cold water 
  5. 1 tbs sugar
  6. ½ cup milk
  7. A nice saucepan 

How to make a Swedish Egg Coffee at home

Step 1: Bring a cup of water to a rolling boil.

Step 2: Crack an egg open and set it aside unwhisked in another cup. Some diehard coffee lovers also add the shells, but I wouldn’t advise it on your first try.

Step 3: Add the ground coffee and mix it together with the egg.

Step 4: Put all that coffee-egg mixture inside the boiling water in the saucepan and boil it for at least 5 minutes. By this time, if you’re a millennial, your patience has probably expired out but your desire to taste the coffee hasn’t.

Step 5:  We’re almost there. End the boil and remove the mixture from the stove. Add the cup of cold water and mix it nicely.

Step 6: Filter your coffee using a French press or fine mesh strainer. Don’t use paper filter through, it will mess up all your hard work. 

And voila, you’re done. Feel free to add foam to create your own artistic latte from the egg coffee base.

Sit back and enjoy the delicious cup of Swedish egg coffee and feel yourself traveling through local villages, the depths of Stockholm, or the break room of the factory responsible for those really cute little red fish.

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