Susan Boyle’s Breakdown

Written by Maura

In top 10 most unexpected moments of television, Susan Boyle opening her mouth on Britain’s Got Talent has got to be up there. The Scottish woman who blew everyone away with her voice has had a rocky road since her debut. Going from some random lady in a tiny town to the most YouTubed person in the world took her by storm. I was rooting for little old Susan..she got a make-over and everything, I mean I don’t know if all the make up in the world would ever make her a supermodel but she was sweet and unexpected and I liked that. And her competition, the dance team Diversity, I mean they were good but I think I might have gotten jaded by being partially obsessed with America’s Best Dance Crew..maybe it’s a patriotic thing, hell I dont know but I didn’t think they were really that amazing (and they sure as hell couldn’t beat the Jabbawockees) Those little kids are damn cute though, I’ll give them that much. So Susan stayed composed on stage and congratulated her competitors after her loss but apparently something snapped later and she ended up in the hospital. Now here’s the really good part..apparently she went back to the hotel right after and had this major break-down and started running up and down the hallways screaming about how she “hates this show.” I’m sorry, I know it might sound mean, but that mental picture is some good shit, I just wish someone had videotaped it. “She’s gone in for some rest,” Piers Morgan (one of the show’s judges) says. “She needs to get away from everyone – get away from the show, from the media, the public, and just have a bit of down time to herself.” Wow, its only been like a month and already a break down..dang, I mean it took Mariah Carey and Britney way longer and they were much more famous, and at least to the outsider more unstable. Maybe Susan was just too normal to be in the world of entertainment..she needed a Paula Abdul moment and now maybe she can fit in with the famous crazies of the world.

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