The Future of Travel: Supersonic Jets in 2023

supersonic jets
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We may be traveling on supersonic jets as early as 2023.

supersonic jets

As anyone who has been married for 5+ years will tell you, faster is better (I’m referring to sex here). According to the bevy of randoms in bathing suits on Instagram, thinner also has significant appeal. Business aviation company Flexjet has combined these two traits, and ordered 20 new supersonic jets that could be zipping around the atmosphere for passenger flights as early as 2023.

Just to be clear, that’s literally 8 years from now. That’s basically in a minute, because we all remember 8 years ago like it was yesterday, don’t we?

The Aerion AS2s will travel at 1.5 times the speed of sound, and will be capable of doing London to New York in 4.5 hours instead of the standard 7. You’ll be like “hi, overseas family, I’ll see you in the afternoon” as you chomp down on a bagel for breakfast in the airport lounge.

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The Jets will mostly focus on intercontinental travel, since sonic boom restrictions prevent them from flying over the US or Europe. Still, it’s one small step for mankind, one huge step for people trying to get back to New York from Europe in time for happy hour.

supersonic jets supersonic jets

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