Win Kissable Winter Lips with Super-Câ„¢ Balm

Written by Ashley

Serena Williams isn’t just known for her bootylicious skills on the tennis court. She’s an entrepreneur, fashionista, and sexified rapper Common’s lady. But what we don’t know about this six-pack clad lady, is her secret to those luscious lips. Athletes in general for sure have to take care of their lips in the heat of the sun, and their constant battle to stay hydrated. So for folks like me who aren’t just sprinting around all day, whatever THEY use, should definitely work for us.  I mean, come on. If it’s touching David Wright’s luscious lips… I’m totally ok with it.

call me.

Enter, Mission Skincareâ„¢ – Super Câ„¢ Lip Balm in Yazu Berry.  Tried & tested by hundreds of athletes to garner a true testament to keeping smackers kissable, this stuff seriously does the trick, infused with natural Shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, beeswax and candelilla wax.


If that’s not reason enough to want to slather a stick of this all over your smoochers, As a part of GNC’s annual Thanks and Giving campaign, $1 from the purchase price of every SUPER-C Lip Balm will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

If you want some hot lips like these star athletes, just answer below:

Which athlete would YOU most like to kiss? (We will accept any and all Tiger Woods jokes).

The 10 chosen comments will win their own Mission Skincareâ„¢ – Super Câ„¢ Lip Balm to keep them kissable all winter long.

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