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Summer Beauty Must Haves for Fall

Written by Ashley

Fruity SPF Lotions and Beachy Hair Products – Learn How to Use Them All Year Round.

A little more time spent inside, a little less moisture in  the air – and a brisk breeze. Ahhh, Autumn is upon us.  Spend your time frolicking in the leaves, drinking warm (hard) apple cider, and embracing the fall boot of the season is totally and utterly acceptable – but make sure to spend a minute to re-asses your beauty routine with these organic-y summer staples that can be your fall must-haves.

Reminisce with a Fruity Body Lotion: Scents aren’t necessarily part of your out with the old, in with the new beauty transition. In fact, I think that keeping a little bit of summer around all year around gives hope for warm sandy beaches & weekend block parties with kids running around in sprinklers and such. Organic fruits like mango & coconut are good to look for, due to their nourishing skincare factors, but the scent of Thymes’ Agave Nectar body lotion is the perfect balance of succulent & sophisticated. Infused with jojoba oil to renew, and shea butter to condition, your skin will stay evenly hydrated without any ruddy dry-skinned mess. Plus, whoever gets a whiff of you will associate your scent with a sunny, warm place. Chalk one up for scent association.

Thymes Agave Nectar Body Lotion: $24

Bring the outdoors in with an organic mist: Line drying linens is a nice idea, but living in the city in the fall isn’t hospitable for such endeavors. Arm yourself with an awesome body spray that can double as a room freshener and a linen refresher.  Most times, body sprays like Malie Organics Pikake organic mist, are infused with thicker oils to help the scent last longer, and alcohols to help it diffuse and dry quickly. And the Pikake flower, a Hawaiian gem that mimics a hydrangea to me, isn’t offensive in the slightest. That’s exactly what works best to spray on your living room furniture minutes before guests arrive, or on to your bedroom linens before drifting off to sleep. And yea, you can spritz yourself, too. It’s organic & Hawaiian… it’s safe!

Malie Organics Pikae Organic Mist: $40

Hair Care to Beat the Heat(er): In the summer – detanglers were great for throwing in your beachbag to refresh beach hair, and to create a sleek shine for pony-tails and just highlighted hair. IN the fall? Use detanglers to help keep dryer hair protected from static, flyaways and frizz caused by heat damage. Aubrey Organics makes one that even helps to moisturize & renew a dry scalp that can result in that time of year when the heater turns on.

Aubrey Organics NuStyle Organic Detangler & Shine Booster $9.95

SPF. Learn It. Live It. Never Leave It: If you became an SPF junkie like me this summer, you know the healing benefits and preventative factors aren’t to be put in the back of the closet with your bikini and Sunday Funday sombrero. Daily application of a moisturizer with SPF 30 is a MUST to keep you protected when out for your morning run, and important on your hands to hands planted on the steering wheel (for you suburbans) safe from harmful rays.

Bambola Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30: $58

Kick Up Your Heels: Yea, you may start to integrate socks in to your daily routine soon enough (boots, oh how i’ve missed you) to keep your tootsies warm, but let’s not neglect your feet when pedicures become more infrequent. The same almost solid moisturizer you were using in the summer to help relieve sunburns and to protect dry beach feet are now your BEST friend each day. Slather on a shea butter concentrate in the morning before your sock-up. Each step you take will bring you closer baby-soft heels.

Kaia House Vegan Shea Head to Toe: $8

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