Style Spotting: Shoes That Turn Into A Full-On Human Tent

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

These crazy kicks allow you to take shelter no matter where you are!

I’ve definitely featured some pretty wacky shoes on The Luxury Spot before, but I have to say, these Walking-Shelter Sneakers might just be the craziest pair I’ve ever come across! Brought to life by Australian design collective, SIBLING, they feature a full-on human tent tucked neatly inside net pockets within the shoe. No, this is not a joke…this is true life people! So basically, whenever you want to say eff you to civilization or simply protect your blowout from an obnoxious rain storm, all you need to do is pull the tent out from the netting and retreat inside the shell like the little hermit you are. Although these kicks may be a far cry from stylish, I bet you there’s a ton of homeless peeps who’d be chompin at the bit just to get their hands on a pair of these! And heck, we don’t blame ’em.

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Elizabeth Mitchell

Born and raised in NC, Liz attended college at NYU before making the move to the City of Angels where she currently resides. She has an uncanny love for all things neon, prefers regular to diet and secretly wishes she were a hipster because it’d be ironic. Follow her on twitter at your own risk: @emitchell456

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