Style Spotting: 5 Most Unfortunate Looks from the VS Fashion Show

Rihanna VS fashion show 2012
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Rihanna VS fashion show 2012

The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is always a saccharine conglomeration of impractical lingerie with confusing extremities such as wings or branches emanating from models’ backs. Some of the ensembles can be magical and whimsical, but there are always a few that make you think, “Ok, they’re really reaching for ideas, here.” Look at the above photo of Rihanna performing at the show – she obviously just saw one of those more unfortunate ensembles strut down the runway. She’s like, “Ugh, I can’t even look.” Here are my picks for this year’s worst:

VICTORIA'S SECRET fashion show 2012

This one is giving me waaay too many Disney vibes. Tinkerbell, anyone?

VICTORIA'S SECRET fashion show 2012

The color combo, the random tiger print, the rings of flames, just everything. I can’t.

Victoria's Secret 2012 Fashion Show Runway

Um, what?

VS fashion show 2012

I just cannot with this whole ensemble. 1. The shoes. 2. What is that stomach-covering tapestry? I mean, I know she kind of just had a baby and everything, but can we not tie a brocade napkin around our waist?

Victoria's Secret 2012 Fashion Show Runway

The worst look of the whole show.

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