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The Style Coalition Lounge and Sassoon Salon Make Fashion Week So Much Better

Written by Bryce

New York Fashion Week has taken a lot of interesting new turns over the past few seasons, but there’e one place I generally rely on for my moment of sanity and zen: the Style Coalition Lounge. While ‘fashion bloggers’ and people dressed in 1800’s costumes are running amuck on the steps of Lincoln Center (is anyone else sad that moment in time is over?), the real deal writers, editors, freelancers, and bloggers are shuffling back and forth between the shows and the Style Coalition Lounge for pampering, refreshments (yes, even carbs), and the zen environment produced by the combination of champagne and good outfits.

This season the lounge was stocked with top hairstylists from Sassoon Salons (hallelujah) and gel nail art from Primp n Polish in Brooklyn. But let’s get back to my hair, because that’s where my heart is (and if you’re a doctor or some type of anatomical genius, please just go with me on this, OK?). Sassoon Salons recently introduced the same kinda of quick wash and blow services you’d normally get at a local blowout bar, but, obviously better because Sassoon Salons only employs totally high level stylists.

In about 45 minutes you walk about with a wash and blow style (they have a whole style menu that offers everything from beachy casual to glammed up styles), and the services start at $45. I happen to live pretty close to the Midtown NYC location on 56th Street, so this is officially my new home away from home. You can send me mail there, I’ll be there that often. The service is available nationwide though at all Sassoon Salons and you can find the location closest to you here.


Now if we could just get Primp n Polish to open near my casa, I’d get the Style Coalition Lounge feeling I love to much every week. #agirlcandream

This post was sponsored but I really did attend and love the lounge this season, and just about every other season. 

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