“Stand Up Straight & Rock That Hourglass, Honey”

Written by Ashley

“Stand Up Straight & Rock That Hourglass, Honey”

-The sound & completely relevant advice given to us big-breasted-bizzles by Jenette Goldstein.

But how can we do that without some serious support, know-how, and a little bit-o-sex?

We’re here to help, ladies with ladies:

How to get the support WITH the sex Jenette Bras:

Picture 2

Sasha $75.00 at JenetteBras.com

Boob’d ladies everywhere can attest to the sheer lack of sex-a-licious undergarments out there for us. Bra shopping becomes a stupid chore that leads you to the yellow pages, finding information for breast-reducing plastic surgeons. And rightfully so! Bras are either cute & skanky, but create the dreaded quad-boob ( when your bra cuts into your lady lump, making you look as thought God has granted you with 4 boobs, total.) OR, bras fit just right, but make boys ( or girls) want to run in horror, questioning your motives as an over the hill granny bra wearing freak.

Lucky for us, Jenette Bras have kept us in mind, and decided that the alphabet ‘begins at D’ – specializing in bras sized from their version of A( really D) all the way up to K cup. With a twist! No ‘wide load’ straps. No Madonna-esque conehead nipples, and no saggy tots! These bras are made from quality materials, and are built to last. Why not splurge on a piece of mammory machinery that will actually keep you supported?  And these designs are classic & comfortable– and that never goes out of style.

How to dress Rebecca & Drew:- specializes in keeping ladies dressed in high-quality garments without bearing assets, or popping buttons. Their tailor made shirts ( I’m obsessed with my black button up– never fails!) are sized by specified measurements ( read more about them here )  in order to keep you comfortable without making you look like a camping tent. And once I was measured by the experts at their trendy West Village location, you can shop away in-store or on line- and rest assured that your choices in their ready-to-wear  will fit you every time!

The vast selection of ready-to-wear in Rebecca & Drew's NYC Store (left)  & their signature Slim Fit Button Up ( right -price upon request)

The vast selection of ready-to-wear in Rebecca & Drew's NYC Store (left) & their signature Slim Fit Button Up ( right -price upon request)

Finally, make sure to know how to deal with it all: bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls

bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls , is a humorous and informative owner’s manual. Filled with personal, true stories (“mammoirs™”), it’s also a style guide for breasts. Readers are given practical and useful advice from breast experts – lingerie fitters, doctors, personal trainers, and others – on what to expect from their breasts and how to put their best breast forward at each stage of their lives. bOObs celebrates the unique qualities of all women.

boobs revised cover (2)

Chapters range from “Sprouting” to “Saggy but Sexy and Sassy,” and everything in-between. Readers learn the state of breasts today (how E is the new

C); how to find and get the right fit from a bra, including nursing, pregnancy, and beyond; how to keep “the girls” healthy, and what to do if they’re not. Each chapter contains web and written resources, plus illustrations and sidebars with little known facts, trivia, and the best breast trends.

I’m ready to read this fine piece of literature, in order to school myself in the ways of breasticles, and 10 lucky ladies out there will have a chance to do the same!


...it's great reading for the whole family.

Just enter your email & comment below on why YOU are worthy of getting your own copy of bOObs, signed by author Elisabeth Dale(Squires).  May the best ladies win!

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