Spring Cleaning: How to Unf*ck Your Closet

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Spring cleaning time is upon us, which means its time to clean out our closets. I know a lot of people have problems deciding what to keep, and what to throw away, so here are some tips on how to clean out your closet for spring, along with a handy flowchart for those of you who like visual aids.

Spring cleaning tips infographic

If you haven’t worn it in the past two years, ditch it. It will be a few years before its in style again, and by then moths will probably have eaten it for dinner.

Make a list as you purge your clothes. If you need to throw away a beat-up staple like a brown belt or LBD, make a note to buy a new one. Its a great way to get rid of old shit, and make room for new.

Swap clothes with friends. Just because you don’t want that sparkly jewel tone cocktail dress doesn’t mean you don’t have a tacky friend from Jersey that might. Pay it forward with your old clothes, and you might end up with a bunch of new items for free.

Be honest. Just because you can imagine a possibly scenario where you might need something, doesn’t mean you should keep it. In fact, that is the same logic hoarders use. If you aren’t going to wear it in the coming year, just throw it away or donate it. Otherwise, you might find yourself sitting on 3 feet of old sweaters, cat skeletons, and human feces.

Spring cleaning tips infographic

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