These Sparkly Mermaid Rainbow Churros Exist

Written by Bryce

Sparkly mermaid rainbow churros exist for our eating pleasure.

Is there anything as sweet and totally delicious as a churro? Not really, and the only way for churros to one up themselves is to magically transform themselves into sparkly mermaid rainbow churros, which they have, so we all need to start clapping behind our computer screens immediately. If you need a DIY recipe, here’s our guide to make your own churros.


All that unicorn stuff may be over (RIP unicorn ice cream, unicorn lemonade, and even unicorn hair), but mermaids are still very much alive and kicking (flipping?) — which is why this sparkly mermaid rainbow churros ice cream thing was even concocted. It’s made of a somewhat giant cup of vanilla soft serve topped with pastel-hued candy balls, a mermaid tail, and you guessed it — a fresh homemade long as hell churro dipped in blue, green, and turquoise sparkle sugar.

The result is an oh-so-glorious rainbow churros ice cream that’ll leave us all fat and happy, and it’s being served up at The Loop, a popular snack destination in Westminster, California.

via The Loop on Yelp

They’ve already made a variety of other rainbow churros fairly famous, but this latest mermaid version is really sitting well with our emotional and digestive tracts.

If you manage to head over to The Loop for one of these, do us a favor and leave photo evidence in the comments section below.

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