Skin Saving Shirts

Written by Alexis

While all of us here at The Luxury Spot love our holiday gifts to be fashion forward and beauty themed, not all of the people on your “purchase presents pronto” list may fit that mold. For those of you in need of a gift for the SPF-obsessed or sun-sensitive person in your life (common, we all know that person – ahem, my mom – who obsessively lathers on sunblock in the dead of winter when she has no intention of leaving the house and claims to enjoy the beach but only under the strict shield of her SPF 55, visor, umbrella, and long sleeved shirt) this may be the perfect present.


With its unique fluorescent technology, SunSoul’s Yelomod clothes allow the sun’s safe yellow rays and restorative infrared light to reach the skin while simultaneously blocking harmful UV rays. While not necessarily fashion-week-worthy, we think this is the perfect present for those with skin sensitivities, UV fears, or concerns about the potential effects of the chemicals in sunscreen.

Mom: hope you like it!

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