Show Me How Big You Want Your Boobs

Written by Emily

I saw this business card on Scary Ideas, and this is definitely a scary and bizarre idea. Dr. Hajnal Kiprov of Vienna takes self promotion to a highly new level. I’ve seen some really great business cards, but this one really takes the boob implant.

I guess the whole point is to literally point to how big you want your new boobies to be! When I did a little bit more sloothing (because I’m all Nancy Drew-ish) I found Dr. Kiprov’s site that not only do I not know Austrian (Bavarian? German? I don’t know), but that the doctor is a CHICK! Talk about progressive! Whether or not she’s an amazing surgeon, I couldn’t tell you, but one thing is for sure is that she is creative and possibly really weird. Alternate idea? Have one for guys too! Blue cards with a pokey through the, well you know. “OHHH Dr. Kiprov! I’m THIS EXCITED to see you!!!” Yea, I went there.

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  • OMG… I wish they had one that was opposite so I could show them how small I want my boobs…lol.

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