Shopbop is Currently Having a MASSIVE Sale

milly varsity sweater pink
Written by Bryce

And you need these.

If you’re not already aware of our ongoing love affair with Shopbop, let now be the time, because the online retailer of basically every cute brand ever is currently having a massive, semi-secret sale. That means you can stock up on all your cold-weather essentials without feeling guilty, so yes, there will be leftover budget for you to secretly sneak in those delish Starbucks fall drinks you pretend to not love but really do (we all do).

milly varsity sweater pink

This Milly varsity sweater is on sale right now

From now through September 30th (East Coast time, lovers), Shopbop is offering a minimum of 20% off most of their brands (trust us, the exceptions are few and far between). If you load your cart up with over $500 in merch, the site will issue you a whopping 25% off, which is crazy if you consider all the brands they sell.

Did we mention if works on sale items, too? Seriously. Let’s examine.

These Havaianas are on sale for $13 right now (half off), and then with a layered 20% off, come out to just a smidgen over $10. $10 for Havaianas is good enough to put ’em away for next season, or save ’em for winter break.

havaianas slim logo popup sandals

If you’re wondering, no, there are no minimums, so you could literally mosey on over to the sale page for a single bra and you still get the discounts. Amahhhhzing.

To access the sale fully, make sure you click this link and then use code “STOCKUP18” at checkout. That’s it!

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