Shoes for Tall Girls: Chicer Than You Previously Thought

Written by Bryce

Until recently, shoes for tall girls were relatively limited in terms of style and size varieties.

It wasn’t easy to be a totally chic, ahead-of-the-trends size 11– which frankly, is where a lot of women find themselves.

Even worse, women of height (yes, that’s what I’m calling us folk over the American standard average of 5’5″) were doomed to a world of flats-only. Why? A lot of us celebrate our height, and simply aren’t dependent on the admiration of men shorter than us. Sensational Soles saw this gap in the market place and went after it with a finely-crafted dedicated that matches the workmanship of their footwear.

The web-based company caters to women sizes 11-14, offering a variety of styles in a variety of heel heights (phew!). There’s no longer a reason why shopping for shoes for tall girls can’t be fun, right?

Available here.

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