Señora Shakira

Let’s be honest, Shakira can make anything sound and look cool. She doesn’t even need anyone in her music videos just herself. The eclectic Latin songstress, has been making hits in Latin America long before making herself bigger and better in the United States. With her untouchable dance skills & unique voice combined with a gorgeous figure and face, she is a threat to anyone in any category.  We’ve  learned that her hips don’t lie, and most importantly this she wolf is ready for anything whenever, wherever.

Shakira – Whenever, Wherever

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a recent FIT graduate in search of the next best thing. She can't get enough of men in suits and unwinding with her favorite bottle of wine. A free spirited attitude that always gets the last word, there's never a dull moment. Her favorite activities are laughing hysterically, a night out dancing in the perfect party dress, and looking and feeling fabulous. She is currently obsessed with her super glossy black patent leather Louboutins, bold dresses, sushi, and can't imagine a day without her Blackberry.

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  • Did you know that Shakira is already being nominated for the “Good Celebrity” hall of fame. I freaking love her now. Why? Because she started charitable foundation, Latin America in Solidarity Action, that has donated $40 million

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