Same Sex Couples Can Finally Adopt in All 50 States

same sex adoption
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Same sex couples can adopt in all 50 states now.

Gay adoption is finally legal in all 50 states!

same sex adoption

Yay, for the gays. A federal judge recently ruled that Mississippi’s ban on same-sex couple adoption is unconstitutional. Mississippi was the last holdout, so that means that gays can legally adopt a kid in all 50 states.

Last summer the Supreme Court decided to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide, but Mississippi had a law making it illegal for same-sex couples to adopt children. U.S District Judge Daniel Jordan issued an injunction against the ban, and presto-chango, a bunch of kids in Mississippi now have a chance at a happy, healthy home.

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Of course, it isn’t all playing dress-up and learning how to make mimosas for brunch, because Mississippi also recently passed a ‘religious freedom’ bill allowing businesses the ability to deny service to LGBT people.

It is a step in the right direction however, and no matter how much opposition stands in our way, the fight for LGBTQI-LMNOP equality continues.

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